Grup Balfegó

Grup Balfegó

Grup Balfegó

Grup Balfegó is a company formed by Manel Balfegó and Pere Vicent Balfegó, two German chefs, who are and have been red tonyina fishermen during their entire professional life. It is currently the leading company in the capture, maintenance and commercialization of red tonyina in Spain. The passion for hard work, the skill of sacrifice and the desire to innovate and evolve, have made it possible for the fifty generation of fishermen from this family to represent this project, and to be real.

The red tonyina has always been the backbone of the activity of this family, and has been closely linked to the history of l'Ametlla de Mar. Grup Balfegó has known how to combine the long-standing tradition in this fishing with a clear commitment pel futur of seva activitat, seeking to guarantee the seva sostenibilitat of the mà of the investigation, presenting itself with a model of reference to the 21st century.


:: Fifty generation of fishermen.

:: First in commercializing seva fishing from the origin to the final consumer.

:: The first live tonyina transfer in the Mediterrani.

:: The first Llicència de pesca d'encerclament aimed at the red tonyina.

:: The first to verify the spontaneous reproduction of the red tonyina.

:: The first to pose management and control measures with the goal of eliminating illegal fishing. Measures accepted and currently in force.

:: The first to electronically trace the tonyines individually, to totes and cadascuna of the seves parts.

:: The first and only ones to electronically manage the catch documents of all the fishing, transfer, cheating, transformation and commercialization phases